Should I use Business Intelligence Connector or Greenhouse APIs?

Access to the right data about your company is important for every organization. Greenhouse Software offers powerful built-in reporting and an ecosystem of partner integrations that meet most organizations' needs.

For more advanced requirements, our developer resources can help you make the best use of your recruiting data. You can use Business Intelligence Connector for complex reporting, while you can use Greenhouse APIs for custom integrations that manipulate your candidate, job, or organizational information in real-time.

Business Intelligence Connector

Business Intelligence Connector is designed for companies with robust analytics and business intelligence requirements. If you prefer a flexible, hands-on approach to analyzing your data, you can use Business Intelligence Connector to perform complex reporting analyses that existing Greenhouse reports don't allow, such as combining your Greenhouse data with data from other sources. Get started.

Best used for advanced reporting

If you intend to do advanced reporting, use Business Intelligence Connector. Unlike Greenhouse APIs which are subject to rate limits and have restricted data in their endpoints, Business Intelligence Connector delivers all of your organization's Greenhouse Recruiting or Greenhouse Onboarding data nightly to S3 or Redshift for easy data development tool plug-in.

Greenhouse APIs

APIs are application programming interfaces, and they provide a way to programmatically interact with platforms on the internet. Greenhouse Software has five APIs that allow data to flow into and out of the hiring software in a structured way. Our APIs are designed to grow the hiring software's ecosystem through partner and custom integrations. Almost everything that can be done in-app in your Greenhouse account can be done programmatically, at scale, with one or more of our APIs. Learn more.

Best used for custom integrations

If you intend to create custom integrations that update or interact with your Greenhouse data, use Greenhouse APIs. You and your development team can create real-time transactional integrations like HRIS integrations, background check integrations, assessment integrations, candidate offer and job approval integrations, as well as advanced custom job boards.