Getting started with email domain verification


Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

When you send an email to a candidate using Greenhouse Recruiting, you can configure the message to use your company's email domain rather than the default Greenhouse Recruiting address.

Though this is a common practice for legitimate businesses, it's also a tactic used by email hackers. Because of this, email providers will often mark these emails as spam and prevent them from being delivered to the recipient.

You'll need to verify your organization's domain to ensure your emails are delivered.

About domain verification

Verifying your domain communicates to email providers that they can trust the use of your domain for Greenhouse Recruiting emails.

Before you start

The email verification process differs in time and complexity for each organization. However, every organization starts the process by collecting the same key information.

Use the following steps to help you gather the information you need to get started.

Know the terms

  • Root domain: Your main domain, which is purchased through a domain name provider and houses all the pages on your website

Example: is a root domain.

  • Subdomain: A subsection of your root domain which, in a URL, comes before the root domain along with a period

Example: In the URL, is the root domain, and support is the subdomain.

  • Domain registrar: The service from which you purchased your domain
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) provider: A service you use to host your domain, which may or may not be the same service from which you purchased your domain

Choose an email domain or subdomain

Your organization may own multiple domains or subdomains. Organizations often use their root domain to send and receive emails with Greenhouse Recruiting.

Note: The domain you choose must have an inbox associated with it.

Determine your DNS provider

A Domain Name Server provider, or DNS provider, is a service you use to host your domain. This may be the same service from which you purchased your domain, called a domain registrar.

Common DNS providers include Google, Cloudflare, and GoDaddy, but your organization may use a different one. If you're unsure who your DNS provider is, reach out to someone on your team.

Use the following message template to help you collect the info you need. Copy the message below and send it to a member of your team. This person could be someone in your IT department, the person who manages your website, or another technical contact.

Hello, I’m working on setting up our account with Greenhouse Recruiting, and I need to know what DNS provider we use. Do you know the answer, or do you know someone who would?

Access your DNS provider

You'll need to log in to your DNS  provider and edit your DNS records. If you don't already have access to your DNS  provider, you may have to request it from someone on your team. Alternatively, you may need to ask a team member to make the DNS edits for you.

We created the following message template to help you collect the info you need. Copy the message below and send it to a member of your team:

Tip: This may be the same person who gave you information about your DNS provider.

Hello, I’m working on connecting our email domain with Greenhouse Recruiting, and it involves making changes to our DNS settings. Can someone grant me access to those settings, or is there someone who can update them for me?

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