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Recruiting Release Notes: 2017 - December 14

Product updates:

  • We’ve started rolling out a new visual experience for reports to all customers! This change affects both the filters on the reports and the table of data we use to display reports, and will hopefully make the reports easier to understand while preparing for future improvements. Read more here.


  • When a user is removed from a job’s hiring team, their name will no longer disappear from the Hiring Team, Approvals, or Notifications and instead, will remain with a strikethrough. These users won’t be able to do anything on these jobs, but you’ll be able to easily preserve historical data.


  • LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect allows you to seamlessly source and manage candidate information across Greenhouse and LinkedIn Recruiter. Learn how to enable the integration here.


  • We’ve added Req ID in dozens of places throughout the app -- req ID should now appear anywhere where a job name does to help you keep track, differentiate, and organize your different roles. Req IDs will be added to reports soon.


  • We've added a 'Jobs' link to the top navigation so you can easily get back to the Dashboard as well as the All Jobs page when you're within a job.


CRM updates

  • When rejecting candidates in bulk, you can now immediately start a new prospect process and place them into a pool/stage.


GHA updates:

  • ‘Milestones’ will be removed from the ‘stages’ table and added to the ‘job_stages’ table on December 19th. Read more about the change.

Integration updates:

  • Customers using MixMax can now easily add candidates or prospects to their MixMax sequences in bulk.


Assorted bug fixes, including:

  • Previously, only Site Admins were able to make Confidential jobs public. After thorough background checks and consideration, we’ve granted security clearance to the creators of these roles as well.
  • Recruiters and Coordinators saw their names crossed out on prospect profiles even though they hadn’t been removed from the job. Luckily, these strikethroughs were written with erasable ink and nothing permanent remains.