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Set-Up: Greenhouse Prospecting Chrome Plugin

Our Chrome Prospecting Plugin provides functionality to make searching Greenhouse more efficient. By highlighting any name or email address, we will automatically search Greenhouse and show you whether there is anyone already in your system with that information.

*Note: The plugin only searches candidates you can access, so it is possible that candidates or prospects that are hidden from you won't show up.

Installing Greenhouse Prospecting Chrome Plugin

Using your Google Chrome internet browser, navigate to the Google Chrome Web Store and search for Greenhouse Prospecting, or click here. Click on Screen_Shot_2017-12-11_at_10.29.26_AM.png to add the Greenhouse Prospecting plugin to your browser.

Once you have installed the Greenhouse plugin, you will see the Greenhouse icon next to the address bar in your browser.  It looks like this: 

Installing Greenhouse Prospecting Chrome Plugin using an SSO Provider

If you're using SSO to log into Greenhouse, you will need to adjust the settings of the extension. Go to the Chrome extension settings (chrome://extensions/). Locate the extension and click on Options. 

Please indicate that your company uses an SSO provider and provide the subdomain. 

Click Save. You are now ready to use the Greenhouse Prospecting Chrome Plugin. For more information on the Greenhouse Prospecting Chrome Plugin and how to use it, please visit:

Using Greenhouse Prospecting Chrome Plugin