Install Greenhouse prospecting Chrome plugin

Permissions: Job Admin and above with access to CRM and unattached prospects

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Note: This version will be deprecated in the near future.

Check out the new version of the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension, which offers enhanced functionality and updated features: Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension!

The Greenhouse Prospecting Chrome Plugin provides functionality to make searching Greenhouse more efficient while prospecting and is installed on a per-user basis. By highlighting any name or email address, the chrome plugin will automatically search Greenhouse and show you whether there is anyone already in your system with that information.

The Greenhouse Prospecting Chrome Plugin will only search through jobs and candidates that you have access to based on your Greenhouse permission levels. 

Install Greenhouse Prospecting Chrome Plugin (non-SSO)

Using your Google Chrome internet browser, navigate to the Google Chrome Web Store and search for Greenhouse Prospecting, or click here

Click Add to Chrome to add the Greenhouse Prospecting Chrome Plugin to your browser.


A subsequent dialog box will confirm the decision, click Add Extension.


Once the Greenhouse Prospecting Chrome Plugin is installed, a  will appear to the right of your address bar in your browser.



Configure Greenhouse Prospecting Chrome Plugin for an SSO Provider

If your organization uses a Single Sign-on (SSO) provider to log into Greenhouse Recruiting, you will need to adjust the settings of the plugin after it is installed. 

Navigate to Chrome Extension Settings page (for iOS users Window > Extensions) and click Details for the Greenhouse Prospecting Chrome Plugin.


Click Extension Options.


From the subsequent page, select Yes, my company uses an SSO Provider from the dropdown menu.

Provide your organization's subdomain and decide whether you will allow the plugin to remain open when navigating between pages.

Click Save when finished.


For more information on the Greenhouse Prospecting Chrome Plugin and how to use it, see the following topic: Using Greenhouse Prospecting Chrome Plugin