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LinkedIn RSC Features

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) is an integration that allows you to seamlessly source and manage candidate information across Greenhouse and LinkedIn Recruiter all on one platform. Once you’ve successfully connected your user account to LinkedIn Recruiter (see Connecting User Account to LinkedIn Recruiter for more information) you will be able to use the LinkedIn tab on a candidate’s profile.

Exporting Prospect from LinkedIn Recruiter to a Job

From your LinkedIn Recruiter page, you will be able to export the prospect to available jobs in your organization. To export a prospect to a job in your organization, use the search bar at the bottom of the first panel to search for the job name or job ID. Select the job you would like to assign to the prospect and click Export. The prospect will be assigned to the job within your Greenhouse user account

Viewing Candidate information from Greenhouse in LinkedIn Recruiter

If you search for a candidate in LinkedIn Recruiter, you can easily ascertain information about the candidate. Once you have identified your candidate from your search results, hover over In ATS and a drop down menu will reveal information about that candidate such as: the job they are associated with, email, stage within the interview process, date they moved into their latest interview stage, and Interview feedback collected in Greenhouse.

Syncing Notes

Notes made in LinkedIn Recruiter on a candidate page will appear on the candidate’s activity feed in Greenhouse.

Greenhouse LinkedIn Tab 

To use the LinkedIn integration in Greenhouse, click on the Candidates tab, select an individual candidate, and navigate to the LinkedIn tab.

Note: The LinkedIn tab will only appear if the candidate has an email attached to their Greenhouse profile. If this candidate was added to your account through LinkedIn Recruiter's Export feature you will need to manually add the prospect's email (for more information: LinkedIn's Scraping Software Policy)Additionally, the initial sync of your Greenhouse account with LinkedIn Recruiter can take a few hours to fully sync depending on the amount of you candidates. 

To manually add a candidate's email to their Greenhouse profile, navigate to the profile of specific candidate and click Details. Click the edit icon Edit.png to the right of Info. Navigate to the Email field and input the candidate's email address.

Let’s take a look at the features included in LinkedIn RSC:

View in Recruiter

By clicking on View in Recruiter, you will be directed to the candidate’s profile through your LinkedIn Recruiter account.  


Save to Project

By clicking on Save to Project, you will be directed to your LinkedIn Recruiter page where you can save the candidate to a project you have established.


Send In Mail

By clicking on Send InMail, you will be directed to your LinkedIn Recruiter page. Upon landing on your LinkedIn Recruiter page, a new InMail message will be open for you to compose and send to the candidate.

Update Me

Update Me enables the integration to sync the candidate's LinkedIn profile. Essentially like "following" or subscribing, the feature syncs any changes a prospective candidate makes to their LinkedIn within the LinkedIn tab. Please note that these changes will still need to be manually updated to corresponding fields in the candidate’s Greenhouse profile. To unsubscribe to changes in a candidate's LinkedIn account, toggle to Stop Updates.