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LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect

Connecting an organization

To enable the Recruiter System Connect integration with LinkedIn Recruiter, you'll need to perform a one-time setup of the integration. First, navigate to the Integrations tab and locate "LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect" underneath "Candidate Sourcing Tools." Once there, you'll see a window where you can select which contract you would like to connect to LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect. If you don't have multiple contracts - you will skip this step.

Note: The user performing the one-time setup for the integration must be a contract admin in LinkedIn. 


Once you've selected the right contract, the window will change to a page where you can "Request an integration." You'll want to click "Request" on both "Company-level access" and "Contract-level access" underneath "Recruiter System Connect (RSC)."Pasted_image_at_2017_11_17_01_35_PM.png

Note: After you have clicked "Request" for both sections - the buttons will change to say "Notify partner." This only needs to be pressed if the next step isn't available within 10 minutes. When this step in Greenhouse is complete, it will show a status of “Partner Ready”. If it shows as “Notify Partner”, you can click on that button to change it to “Partner Ready” - which will take you to the next step.



Now that you've requested the integration, you'll want to navigate to LinkedIn Recruiter. Once there you'll want to navigate to "Admin settings"



After going to "Admin Settings" you will want to navigate to the "ATS" tab of the settings page.



On this page you should see the name of your organization. Expanding out that row will allow you to turn on the company-level access and contract-level access for the entire organization. This will then communicate back to Greenhouse that we should begin setting up the integration in the background. 


Once you return to Greenhouse - if you navigate back to LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect you should see that the integration is now Enabled! It will take approximately 30 minutes for every 20,000 candidates for us to link the candidates in your system to their profiles in LinkedIn. Once this "backfill" process is complete - the LinkedIn tab in Greenhouse will begin to show up and we will start syncing your inMails and inNotes.


Connecting an individual user

After you've set up your Integration for the organization - you'll want to connect your individual account to Greenhouse. You can do this from the "My Info" section of Greenhouse. (Clicking your name in the top right and going to "My Info"). From there you'll want to click "Connect" under "LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect" - this will let you use "1-click Export" with Recruiter System Connect and see the "In ATS" indicator in LinkedIn.

Note: Every user that wants to use LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect should connect individually.







Congratulations! You've set up LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect for your Greenhouse organization.