By combining human and AI-powered processes, JamieAi efficiently connects data professionals in search of a new job with organizations looking for new talent.

Integrate JamieAi with Greenhouse Recruiting

To begin, navigate to the Integrations page from the homepage of JamieAi.

Click Connect to Greenhouse.

On the Authorize page, enter your Greenhouse email and password.

After entering your Greenhouse credentials, the page redirects you to the JamieAi homepage. This indicates the integration is set up successfully!

Use the JamieAi integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

To link a Greenhouse job click Link to JamieAi next to the relevant job posting.

The following options are available when linking a job with Greenhouse:

  • Link existing JamieAi postings: If you would like to link to a job posting that has already been set up on JamieAi, select the role from the dropdown menu and click Link
  • Link new JamieAi postings: If the job posting hasn’t been added to JamieAi yet, select Create new from the drop-down menu. You are prompted to enter information about the role. This is to help with the matching process. Once you have completed all the required fields, click Link

The new job appears in your list of JamieAi postings with a Greenhouse logo indicating the link was successful.

Once payment is complete and the position has been approved by our team, the role will be placed through our matching system. Candidates that have matched are visible on your Greenhouse account under the relevant position.