(Greenhouse Onboarding) How can I make an eSignature form have fillable fields?


I have a PDF document where we would like new hires / employees enter information within the fields.  How can I set this up in Greenhouse Onboarding? 


There are two types of eSignature documents that can be configured within Greenhouse Onboarding: 


1) Signature at the end of the document 

This option will attach an extra page at the end of the document which will display the employee's name and require a signature and date. 


2) Document with fillable fields 

This option will require assistance from the Greenhouse Customer Support team to map the fields in the document so that employees can enter information. 

To do this, please email support@greenhouse.io and include the following: 

  • The document that you'd like uploaded
  • The public name for the document
  • Which fields should be mapped as required to be filled out 
  • Which fields should be mapped as optional to be filled out 
  • Where the employee should sign 



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