You can connect TapRecruit and Greenhouse using a custom integration. Once connected, your TapRecruit account will mirror the User, Job, and Job Post permissions configured on Greenhouse.

To enable the integration:

  1. Select Integrations from the Account dropdown on the top right
  2. Create a new Harvest Greenhouse API Key
  3. Configure the API Key permissions to include: Applications, Job Openings, Job Posts, Jobs, User Roles, and Users
  4. Submit your Email and API Key to TapRecruit using the form

Once the API Key has been received we will configure your account and notify you when completed.


How to sync jobs between TapRecruit and Greenhouse: 

TapRecruit -> Greenhouse

Greenhouse does not currently support programmatic updating of the Job Description field. To help ensure your content is synced, TapRecruit will flag Job Descriptions that are different on the two platforms. To move your changes from TapRecruit to Greenhouse:

  1. Select the sync button from the Dashboard or Job Editor pages
  2. Open your Greenhouse job
  3. Copy and paste the Job Title and Job Description from TapRecruit to Greenhouse.
  4. Save your job on Greenhouse.



Greenhouse -> TapRecruit

TapRecruit automatically checks Greenhouse every 20 minutes and syncs Jobs, Job Descriptions and Job Statuses.

TapRecruit users and permissions:

TapRecruit allows you to create an account using Google, LinkedIn or a custom email/password combination. When creating an account, regardless of method, you must use the same email that you use to access your Greenhouse dashboard.

User permissions on TapRecruit, including the ability to see and edit jobs are inherited from Greenhouse and can be updated using Greenhouse controls.