(Greenhouse Onboarding) How can I edit what I entered in the Education field?


I'm entering my information within the New Hire Welcome Experience in Greenhouse Onboarding, but I entered the wrong information or would like to delete an entry I made for Education.  How can I edit what I entered in the Education field? 



Currently, new hires are unable to edit or remove an entry that was entered in the Education field while in the New Hire Welcome Experience.  However, this can be done once all Onboarding tasks are completed.  

The steps to take are as follows:

  1. Complete all Onboarding tasks
  2. Click the button "Enter Greenhouse Onboarding" 
  3. Navigate to your profile
  4. Locate the Education widget on the right-hand side and click the "Edit" 
  5. Select a new university from the drop down and/or select "Remove" to delete the previously entered school



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