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I use LinkMatch. What does the integration look like? How do I enable it?

What is LinkMatch? LinkMatch is a Google Chrome Extension for LinkedIn 

What is the benefit of using LinkMatch? 

We help users save somewhere between 1-2 hours on their manual search on LinkedIn by automating the processes as much as possible.  

What can users do with the integration?

With the help of LinkMatch users can see which LinkedIn profiles are already inside of their Greenhouse and which are not.  

  • The profiles that are in Greenhouse can be easily edited right from the LinkedIn page


How can users setup the integration?


  • Go to LinkMatch for Greenhouse
  • Add the extension to your Chrome Browser, an options page will automatically open in a separate tab


  • Type in your Greenhouse email
  • Click on Get API Key. A new tab will open up.


  • Copy the API Key and paste it in the appropriate field on your options page


If you don’t have an API Key, here’s how you can generate one.

  • Click on “Create New API Key”


  • In the “Description field” type “LinkMatch” and in the “Type Field” choose “Harvest”, afterwards click “Create”


  • Then click on “Select All”. Please note that by selecting all, you are giving LinkMatch access to all of your Greenhouse data. 


  • And “Update”



  • Click Authorize
  • Refresh your LinkedIn Page

You should see green checkmarks and red crosses next to LinkedIn profiles.

The profiles that have a green checkmark next to them are already in your Greenhouse, the profiles that have a red cross next to them are not in your Greenhouse. 

By clicking on the green checkmark a pop-up window will appear that will allow you to edit/update a Greenhouse profile right from the LinkedIn page.



Here’s what to do if you receive the following error


  • Click on “Get API Key”
  • In the new tab click on “Manage Permissions” 
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list. Expand “Users” and make sure that “GET: List Users” is checked. Then click “Update”

  • Go back to the options page, input all of the necessary information and click “Authorize”

How can users customize the integration?

By reaching out to us at [email protected]. Here are some examples of a custom features that we can build in addition to what LinkMatch has to offer.

1) Individual and bulk parsing/capturing of LinkedIn profiles straight into your Greenhouse

2) Syncing Greenhouse profiles with LinkedIn

3) Matching for other social networks: FB, Twitter, G+, etc.

4) Have the extension work across different browsers: Firefox, Safari, Edge

5) Matching for companies/contacts 

6) And ANY OTHER feature that you might need to be customized to your business specific needs. 

LinkMatch for Greenhouse is available from

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