What does the new scheduling system mean for my organization if we use Google Calendar?


Previously, when scheduling interviews in Greenhouse and using the Google Calendar integration, a calendar#@greenhouse.io was automatically added to the event in your Google Calendar. This email address along with the interview kit URL is what allows a scheduled event, and updates to that event, to sync to the candidate profile in Greenhouse. You may have recently noticed that this calendar#@greenhouse.io; has been replaced with schedule@ghcalendar.io.

While this new calendar works very similar to calendar#@greenhouse.io, we wanted to share some additional information on any differences you may notice and best practices to ensure that events sync to Greenhouse properly.

Will I need to do anything to enable the new scheduling system?

For users that schedule interviews by clicking the "Schedule Interview" option in a candidate's profile, you may be required to go to the Integrations tab and refresh your Google Calendar credentials here.  When selecting "Schedule Interview", if you are directed to an error message page, you will want to take the following steps to refresh your credentials and reauthorize the integration:

  • Go to the Integrations tab in Greenhouse
  • Select to disconnect from the Google Calendar integration
  • Select to connect to the Google Calendar integration once more

For users that manually schedule interviews directly from their Google calendar, you will now want to include the email address schedule@ghcalendar.io instead of calendar#@greenhouse.io.  You will also want to ensure that you have selected to "Send Invites" when initially creating this event.  This will ensure that the new Greenhouse calendar receives this event and can sync this to the appropriate candidate profile in Greenhouse.


How do I schedule interviews with the new scheduling?

The scheduling process in Greenhouse will be the same.

Once you have filled in the details of an interview, you will need to send invites to interviewers.  This can be done by directly selecting "Send Invites to Interviewers" within the scheduling form in Greenhouse or by selecting "Open in Google and saving the event, selecting to "Send invitations to guests".  Sending invitations to guests is required in order for the Greenhouse Calendar to properly receive the scheduled interview and sync this to the candidate profile.

How do I make updates to scheduled events?

Users will need to send out an updated invitation to all guests if they would like these changes to be reflected in Greenhouse immediately. Please note that when edits are made to only the Guest list, and not to dates, times, and body of the invite, then Google Calendar will only send out the updated invite to the new guest. To trigger Google Calendar to send out an updated invite to all guests, including Greenhouse Recruiting, make a small adjustment to the body of the invite, and select the option to send updates to all attendees.

If these edits are made and no updated invites are sent, then Greenhouse will poll this information regularly and the updates will be synced to Greenhouse.  

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