Greenhouse Onboarding: Where are my subtasks?

With the release of Phase 3, subtasks will no longer be supported. Below we detail what happened with existing subtasks and why we decided to sunset the feature. 


Subtasks on Template Tasks

  • Subtasks that were on Tasks on Templates will be converted into Tasks
  • The new Tasks will use the same due date, and assignee as the parent task


Subtasks on already assigned Tasks

  • For Tasks with subtasks that have already been assigned, we will put the list of subtasks into the body of the parent Task. 
  • We did not want to assign new Tasks, and confuse users that had already been assigned a parent task


Why did we get rid of Subtasks? 

  • With the new assign date function and automation of assigning tasks, we've made it easier to have multiple tasks for a single chore
  • There were many issues with the existing subtasks, including that completing all subtasks did not complete the task
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