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Is Greenhouse compatible with the new Google Calendar UI (2017)? Is there any changes to scheduling with Google?


On October 17, 2017, Google announced an update to their Google Calendar UI (  Will scheduling with Google Calendar still work in Greenhouse? What changes will be seen, if any?


Greenhouse is compatible with the new Google Calendar UI.  There will be no change in functionality, however, we wanted to point out two changes Google has implemented that may affect users' workflows, particularly when selecting the option to "Open in Google" to complete scheduling. 


1. Rooms 

When the option "Open in Google" is selected from the Greenhouse scheduling modal, any rooms that were added will now be displayed with their email address within both the location field and as an attendee to the event. This address must be populated in order to sync with that room's calendar.



2. Default to "All Day" event when a time is not selected

While in the Greenhouse scheduling modal, if a time is not selected and you click "Open in Google," the old Google Calendar UI will default to the next 30 minute time slot from the current time (ex. if the current time is 12:01 pm, 12:30pm will be selected within Google Calendar). 

With the new Google Calendar UI, however, the default will be to configure the interview as an "All Day" event.  This can still be changed, however, by unchecking the "All Day" checkbox and select the appropriate time. 




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