Greenhouse Events overview

Permissions: Job Admin and above who have access to CRM

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Managing a successful in-person recruiting event takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. It can also be an overwhelming, manually-driven, and stressful experience for recruiters! Between the stacks of paper resumes and the long nights entering candidate information into your ATS, the post-event process can be just as exasperating.

The Greenhouse Events app helps you focus on building meaningful connections in-person and alleviates the stress of handling administrative tasks during the event. Use the Greenhouse Events app to deliver an impressive prospect experience, manage data with ease, and measure what's working for your recruiting team.

With the Events app, you can:

  • Capture resumes and prospect data through a streamlined iOS app
  • Review and leave feedback about prospects in real-time and share with your entire team
  • Manage prospect data by automatically syncing and classifying it in Greenhouse CRM for efficient post-event follow up
  • Report on who you're meeting at events and how they’re converting into candidates and new hires

Check out the resources below to create and manage your events:

What iPad should I use to run Greenhouse Events?

In order to get the best experience when using Greenhouse Events, we recommend using an iPad running on iOS 11 or above.

For the best experience, we recommend an iPad with cellular data to ensure you have a stable connection during events and will not be affected by the event's wireless internet or other connection issues.


Organizations receive the following number of event credits based on the subscription tier:

  • Essential: 1 Event
  • Advanced: 10 Events
  • Expert: Unlimited Events

After using your allotted event credit(s) for Essential and Advanced tiers, you can purchase events individually within Greenhouse Recruiting. Click here to learn more.

Alternatively, please speak to your Account Manager about receiving additional events by upgrading your subscription tier.