How can my candidates apply directly from Glassdoor?

When a candidate is interested in working for your company, the last thing you want is more barriers between them and your job application. With the new Glassdoor Easy Apply integration, candidates can seamlessly apply your jobs without ever leaving Glassdoor for a much more streamlined candidate experience. 

To enable the integration, have a Site Admin navigate to the Configure > Job Board page and select Edit next to any of your external job boards. Scroll down the page until you see the Glassdoor integration and toggle it to Yes.


After saving the board settings, make sure that any job posts that you'd like to send over to Glassdoor are set up correctly. Click a job, then navigate to Job Setup > Job Posts > Edit. At the very bottom of the job post, make sure Glassdoor is checked off and a location has been selected. If all of your jobs are already posted to Glassdoor, you can skip this step.


Once your jobs are saved, they should appear on Glassdoor within 24 hours. When candidates view a Job ad that has been opted into Glassdoor Easy Apply, the page will have a new button that allows them to fill out the application without ever leaving Glassdoor. 


Please note: Glassdoor Easy Apply is not available for jobs post that have:

  • EU Privacy Notice enabled
  • Custom Questions that require attachments
  • Education fields required
  • Employment fields required

As part of this integration, a new Job Board API key will be created that can be viewed on the Configure > Dev Center > API Credential Management page. Make sure not to revoke access to this key, otherwise candidates applying through the integration will not make it into your account successfully.


If you wish to disable the integration, just have a Site Admin navigate back to Configure > Job Board > Edit, and toggle the integration back to No.