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New Report Interface

We're excited to announce updates to the design of our reports! This change affects both the filters on the reports and the table of data we use to display reports, and will hopefully make the reports easier to understand while preparing for future improvements. Note: This change won't impact or change other reporting features like Google Report Connector, Save and Schedule Reports, or Exporting Reports to Excel.

New Look — Miscellaneous Filters

  • Any filters not associated with choosing jobs will now appear on the main report page under the collapsable Filters and more menu. This includes things like filtering for date ranges, job stages, or including migrated candidates.
  • If you need to adjust several filters, you can make multiple changes without refreshing the report. Once everything looks just right, you can regenerate the report by clicking the Apply button.


New Look — Job Filters

  • We've simplified the old job picker and adjusted where the Department, Office, Status, and User filters show up to make it more obvious that the filters at the top help you pick the jobs that show up on your report.


New Look — Report Tables

  • Columns widths can be changed to more easily view long-running data.