Greenhouse Onboarding: Migrating to the new GHO

This article will cover how we will migrate your existing Tasks, which live on Templates, into Tasks that have rules. To learn more about how rules on Tasks will work, check out our FAQ here


In the new GHO, there will be Planned Tasks and Assigned Tasks.

  • Planned Tasks will be the Tasks that admins create under Admin  > Settings > Tasks
  • Planned Tasks will become Assigned Tasks when they are applied to a New Hire.


Assigned Tasks Migration (Tasks that have already been assigned)

We are going to take all already Assigned Tasks and migrate them so they can be managed and completed in the new world. Rules will not be applied to Assigned Tasks, because they are already assigned

Planned Tasks Migration 

How we’re applying Rules during the migration

  1. We will look the name of the Template the Task is on
  2. If the Template name contains an exact match to a `Department` name, a `Location` name, or a `Employment Status` we will apply a rule for each of those.
  3. So if a Template is called San Francisco - Engineering - Full Time, we’ll apply a rule on each Task that if the new hire’s matches the below, the task will be assigned
  • Location = San Francisco
  • Department = Engineering
  • Employment Status = Full Time


What is the Template Name doesn’t match a Location, Department, or Employment Status?

  1. If the template is called something like General Onboarding, no rules will be applied and the Tasks by default will get assigned for all new hires
  2. Steph is manually auditing all client accounts and making sure there are exact matches. So if I see a template called SF - ENG - FT I’ll rename it to San Francisco - Engineering - Full Time, so that the rules are accurate


What about Other Criteria?

  1. Other Criteria is a new feature we’re introducing that will allow clients to customize how tasks, emails, and other things are assigned
  2. To pull out Other Criteria from a Template name, we’ll put parentheses around the words in the Template name
  3. If the template is named something like Not at HQ First Week Steph will edit the template name to be (Not at HQ First Week) and then an Other Criteria will be created called Not at HQ First Week, and will be applied to all Tasks on that template
  4. Those tasks will not be assigned, unless the specific Other Criteria is selected during Onboarding





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