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Publicize a Confidential Job


A confidential job allows your organization to restrict the access to a new job so that not even users with Site Admin level permissions can access it. The only user who can access a confidential job by default is the user who created the job and any users added to the job through the Hiring Team step of the job setup flow.

It can be the case that your organization may want to make a once confidential job public so that it is discoverable by all users with Site Admin level permissions. Confidential jobs can be turned into Public jobs by two types of users:

  • Site Admins added to Who Can See This Job (Job>Job Setup>Hiring Team)
  • Job Admins or above who created the job

In this article, we will cover how either of these users can turn a confidential job into a public job.

Note: Once a confidential job is made public, this action cannot be undone. Confirm that you want to make a confidential job public before proceeding.


Make Confidential Job Public

Users with the appropriate credentials should click the All Jobs tab from the navigation bar and select the confidential job from the subsequent list. 


From the confidential job's dashboard, click Job Setup and navigate to Job Info on the left-hand panel.


Click Make Public on the Job Info page. 


A subsequent dialog box will ask you to confirm the decision to make the confidential job public so that it is accessible by all users with Site Admin level permissions. Click Make Public.


Your confidential job is now public. It can be accessed by all users with Site Admin level permissions. Now that the job is public, you will also be able to configure a Job Post for the job.