Information and questions regarding OnRecruit integration with Greenhouse:

Login to Greenhouse and go to the API access settings:


  1. From Greenhouse go to “Configure”
  2. On the left navigation pane click on “Dev Center” - Please note that a user must have developer permissions to access the Dev Center
  3. On the new page go to “API Credential Management”
    1. You can also use the following URL:
  4. Click on “Create New API Key”
  5. Fill in as description: “API Access OnRecruit”
  6. As type choose: “Harvest” 
  7. Check the following end points:
    1. Activity Feed
    2. Applications
    3. Candidates
    4. Job Stages
    5. Jobs
  8. Click on “Update” on the bottom
  9. Copy the API Key from “API Access OnRecruit” and send it to
    1. Please use a platform such as SendSafely to send the API keys over securely


Contact information OnRecruit:

Dirk Meeuws

Product Manager