Reports has a New Look!

What’s changed?

We’re changing the look and feel of our reports home page, and decided to reorganize our reports into different, more compelling categories that we’re hoping will help you utilize reports in more impactful ways.

We often found in research that clients initially didn’t know where to start when it came to reports, so we wanted to provide users like you with intelligent guidance on which reports you may want to use to drive strategic discussions with different stakeholders at your organization, whether it be hiring managers, those you manage, or those who manage you.

While all of our reports have remained the same, (we didn’t take any reports away from you - no worries!), we have also decided to rename a few of the reports to clarify their purpose. As well, all URLs will remain the same so any bookmarks you may have set up will still work. 

Which reports have been renamed?

 OLD NAME                                                                   NEW NAME


We’re excited about these changes, and as always, let us know if you have any questions!



*Note: You will only see "Get More with Power Reports" if your organization currently has Greenhouse's Core product. All Pro and Enterprise accounts already have this functionality. 

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    Kasia Chudzik

    Hi Team,

    This is great, thank you! However, I cannot see the 'Get more with Power Reports' nor 'Business Intelligence' sections (I have SiteAdmin access). Thanks!

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