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Is there a way to create templates for creating new jobs?


Is there a way to create templates for creating new jobs?


While there is no current "Template Job" option to choose in Greenhouse, there is a workaround to create template jobs to copy from when creating new jobs.

The best way to do this is to create a job and name it "Template [X]" in the title. A job name is internal facing so you can always adjust these to fit your company's specific needs. After you complete your new job setup (How do I set up a new job?), click Finish



If you have a chain of approvals set up, click on the Request Approval button to the right of the job Title. Once the job is approved, you'll be able to select it from this menu. If you do not wish to publish the job and would rather keep it as a Draft, you can simply filter for "Drafts" or "Any Status," when searching for the job to copy from.




Then when you are creating a new job, Greenhouse will prompt you to "Start from Scratch" or "Start from a copy of an existing job." You can choose "Start from a copy of an existing job," and then from the menu, select "Template [X]." Then alter the job's name to the job you want to create and complete setting up your new job. 






You can repeat this as needed to fulfill the total number of templates your company wants to create. 




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