When selecting 'Schedule All' and open in Google, only one interview shows up.

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When I choose to 'Schedule All' and open in Google, only one interview shows up.

Steps to Diagnose:

1. Go to a candidate's profile with multiple interviews to schedule for one stage

2. Click "Schedule All" and fill out the required fields

3. Click Open in Google

4. Watch and see that only the first interview will have been scheduled

Steps to Solve:

To get to the Chrome settings page to allow popups from Greenhouse, copy and paste into your browser URL and skip to step 4


To get there:

1. On your Chrome browser, click the 3 vertical gray dots at the top right

2. Click Settings > At the bottom click Advanced

3. Click Content Settings > Scroll down and click Popups. 

4. In the allow section, click "Add" and paste [*.]greenhouse.io to allow pop-ups from Chrome



[Greenhouse Recruiting]


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