FAQ about Phase 3

  • What do I need to do to get ready for the transition? 
    • Review your existing Templates and E-signature Packets in the Settings menu in Greenhouse Onboarding, and ensure their names include the Departments, Locations, Employment Statuses and Other Criteria that apply. If any Templates or E-signature Packets don’t include those criteria in the name, we’d recommend you rename them.

    • If you have a Template named `General Onboarding` that’s used for only your Full-Time employees, we’d suggest you change it to `Full Time - All Locations`

    • If you have an E-signature Packet that's named 'Onboarding Packet' that's used for all employees regardless of Department, Location, or Employment Status, we'd suggest you change it to `All Employees`


  • Will there be downtime during the transition? 

    • Yes, there will a minimal amount of downtime during the transition. We will give you and your team at least 2 weeks notice before the downtime, and will try to schedule outside of normal working hours.


  • Will there be trainings provided for the new system? 
    • Yes we will provide webinars before the migration, as well as after the migration. If you and your team are unable to attend the webinars, they will be available online to view. 


  • Can my regular employees get training on the new system? 
    • Regular employees will not experience any functional changes and will not need additional changes. 


  • I am not ready to switch, can I delay the migration? 
    • Please reach out to your Account Manager or gho@greenhouse.io to discuss options


  • I have new hires going through onboarding, will they experience any of the changes? 
    • Your New Hires will not experience any functional changes. If you have not been updated to Phase 1 of the new Greenhouse Onboarding, then your new hires will see a new Home page. You can review the changes from Phase 1 here. 


  • Can I get a full list of changes that will be made in my account? 
    • All changes are listed below!


  • Task Management
    Assign Tasks to employee custom fields, like Buddy, or HR Specialist
    Control when tasks are assigned so that people aren’t informed of tasks before they are relevant
    Set rules on Tasks so that onboarding plans can be automatically assigned. Rules will be based on a New Hire’s Department, Location, Employment Status, or Other Criteria
    Customize Other Criteria so you can build your Onboarding Plans (including Tasks, Emails and E-Signature requests) around things like “Not Starting at HQ”, or “People Managers”
  • Onboarding a New Hire
    Onboarding Plan, including Tasks and E-signature Requests, automatically suggested based on an employee’s Department, Location, Employment Status, and Other Criteria
    Date picker for date custom fields
    Fill in any custom fields before onboarding a new hire, so you can assign a Buddy prior to using a task that’s assigned to a Buddy
    Edit a task before assigning it
    Create one-off tasks before assigning the Onboarding Plan
  • Profile
    Content on profile will no longer rotate
    Custom fields on profile will appear in the order you set on the Custom Fields settings page
    Resend both the Your Next Step and Welcome to the Team emails from the Admin view of the profile
    Download all of an employee’s documents into a zip file
    Downloaded documents will be named using the employee’s name and document’s name
  • E-Signature Management
    Create, map, and manage your own e-signature templates
    Apply rules to esignature templates so they are automatically suggested during onboarding
    Bulk download all documents from the profile
    Document downloads will be named after the employee and the document
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