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New feature! Redesigned Candidates Tab

The current Candidates tab has a ton of filters, making it challenging to locate the right ones and efficiently narrow down results. Plus, after some filters are applied, you have to individually ‘x’ out of each one at the top of the page to start a new search.


We’re making some exciting improvements to the Candidates tab by collapsing the filters into categories, cleaning up the page, and making everything easier to see and discover.


Simply click on each category to expand the section and expose the filters. Click on the category title again to collapse and hide those filters.


We also added a ‘Reset Filters’ button at the bottom of the page. Clicking this button removes any filters you’ve already applied and returns you back to the default, unfiltered state so you can easily start a new search.


Lastly, we renamed and rearranged some of the category titles and filters to better group related filters. These changes also removed confusing categories like “Other.” Below is a list of the changes we made to a category’s title or to a filter’s location.


These changes will be rolled out to all Greenhouse customers over the next few weeks. Please contact your Account Manager or [email protected] with any questions.