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I use Jopwell. What does the integration look like? How do I enable it?

With this Integration, users will be able to access and track candidates, jobs and applications from Jopwell. Just follow the directions below to collect the Harvest and Partner API Keys required:


1 Login to your Greenhouse account


2) Navigate to Configure and then Dev Center


3) Select API Credential Management from the center panel


4) Click on the button Create New API Token. Type “Jopwell” for the description. Select type as Harvest and then click Create.



5) Select the correct permissions required by our API.

GET: Retrieve Application

GET: List Applications

GET: Retrieve Candidate

GET: List Candidates

GET: List Job Posts

GET: Retrieve Job Post for Job

GET: List Job Post for Job

GET: Retrieve Job

GET: List Jobs


6) Be sure to hit the update button at the bottom of the screen


7)  Copy the newly created Harvest API Key and send it to your Jopwell account manager.


8) To generate your Partner API Key go back to the API Credential Management screen in Greenhouse from Step 3. This time however generate a Partner API Key. Be sure to set type as Partner and Client Application as Jopwell.


9) Copy the newly created Jopwell Partner API Key and send it to your Jopwell account manager.


Once the integration is set up, your jobs, candidates and applications will get sent to Jopwell. Your Jopwell account manager will be able to see the status of your applications from their admin page. The transferred data will include: job title, job description, job location and status of current applications. It will also automatically generate unique tracking links for Jopwell-sourced jobs.