Greenhouse Onboarding: Phase 3 Release

We’re getting ready to roll out some exciting changes to Greenhouse Onboarding! We'll start migrating customers at the end of September, and plan to have transitioned all existing customers by early October.

Here’s a preview of what’s coming:

  • Instead of manually assigning tasks and e-signature requests on new hires, we’ll assign them automatically based on customizable rules. You’ll be able to customize and automate your Onboarding Plan by Department, Location, Employment Status, or custom criteria like whether or not the new hire is starting at your HQ
  • Control when Tasks are assigned by setting an Assign Date, so your new hires aren’t assigned Tasks prematurely
  • Engage existing employees in the onboarding process by assigning Tasks to employee custom fields, like ‘Buddy’ or ‘Mentor’



How will it work?

We’ll migrate customers to the new world by assigning rules to your existing Tasks and E-signature templates. 

We’ll migrate existing customers to the new world by automatically updating your existing Tasks and E-signature Templates to be organized by rules based on the names of your Templates, Lists, and E-signature Packets.

For example, we’ll take the tasks on a Template called “San Francisco - Full Time” and set them up so that those tasks are assigned automatically when a new hire is added whose Location matches San Francisco and Employment Status matches Full Time.

If your Templates and Lists are not named after a Department, Location, or Employment Status we will create a custom rule using the new Other Criteria feature. For example, if you have a template called ‘Not Starting at HQ’, we’ll update the Tasks on that Template to have rules for Other Criteria = Not Starting at HQ


What do I need to do?
Review your existing Templates and E-signature Packets in the Settings menu in Greenhouse Onboarding, and ensure their names include the Departments, Locations, Employment Statuses and Other Criteria that apply. If any Templates or E-signature Packets don’t include those criteria in the name, we’d recommend you rename them.

For example, if you have a Template named `General Onboarding` that’s used for only your Full-Time employees, we’d suggest you change it to `Full Time - All Locations`.


When is the cutover?
We'll start migrating customers at the end of September, and plan to have transitioned all existing customers by early October. We will give you at least two week’s notice before the migration occurs on your account. If you’d like to be migrated to the new Greenhouse Onboarding early, please reply to this email.

We’ll be offering weekly webinars before and after the migration to make sure that you and your team are ready and comfortable using the new platform. Look out for a registration email in the coming weeks.

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