Greenhouse Recruiting user is not receiving emails

If a member of your team reports not receiving emails you sent to them from Greenhouse Recruiting, it's possible their email address is on our bounce list. An email address might be added to the bounce list if our email provider, Mailgun, is unable to deliver messages to that address.

There are a variety of reasons Mailgun might not be able to deliver messages to a given email address, including but not limited to:

  • An email was sent to the address before the email account was fully set up;
  • Your organization's email provider rejected the message;
  • An unexpected error occurred.

If these types of issues occur repeatedly, Mailgun will limit future attempts to deliver messages to the email address by adding it to the bounce list. This is done to prevent potential abuse and to protect your sender score.

If you suspect a user's email address has been added to our bounce list in error, please click here to connect with Greenhouse Technical Support. Our team will review the issue and remove the email address from the bounce list if necessary.

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