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Configure an Offer Section

Note: This feature is available to Pro and Enterprise customers.


Companies often have many offer letter variations and require different templates for each and every case. For example, you might have different language for bonuses, benefits, or relocation, and this is all within one Department or Office. This leads to an unruly number of offer templates to manage and update over time.

Plus, even though you can limit offer templates by Office, Department, and Employment Type, it can still be challenging for users to select the correct template when extending a candidate offer.

Offer Sections make it easy to build and customize offers by allowing you to create conditional language for offer custom fields. Based on the selections you make when generating a candidate offer, the relevant details will be automatically included in each offer letter.

By reducing the number of templates needed to cover every possible offer permutation, ongoing offer document maintenance is streamlined and it’s easier for recruiters to make the right template choice for each candidate.

What is an Offer Section?

An offer section can be an entire paragraph (or multiple paragraphs) of text that describes an offer custom field option. You can also include other tokens within the paragraph to further customize your offer language.

For example, you might have an offer custom field called Employment Type with the options Full-time, Part-time, Contract, and Intern. You can create an offer section for each one of these options.

Let’s say the following paragraph of text is the appropriate offer letter language for Full-time employees:


For each offer section, you’ll get a custom offer section token to be used in your offer templates. In this example, our offer section token is highlighted in yellow:


When you create a candidate offer, you’ll select the appropriate options for each field.  Here, we’ll choose Full-time for the Employment Type field.


Once you generate the offer letter, the relevant paragraph for the option selected will be inserted into your offer templates.


You can configure and include as many offer section tokens in your offer templates as you’d like to easily build the right details into each and every offer.

Creating Offer Sections

Note: To create offer sections, users need the permission ‘can manage custom fields.’

Go to Configure > Custom Options > Offers.

You can create an offer section for any offer custom field with the type ‘single select.’ On the right hand side of these fields, click Add Offer Sections.


At the top of the page, you’ll see the offer custom field selected and a new offer section token, which Greenhouse automatically generates for you to use in your offer templates.


All options for the selected custom field will be listed on the left. For each option, you can create an offer section by clicking +Add Offer Section.

Enter any offer language associated with that option in the text box. You can also include any of the other available tokens listed on the right side of the page to further customize your offer text. Note: You can’t use another offer section token within the text box.  


If you’d like to remove the offer section text for a given option, click Remove at the bottom of the text box. Once you click that button and confirm, anything entered in the text box will be permanently deleted.


If no offer section has been configured for a given option, the token will insert a blank space into your offer template when that option is selected when making a candidate offer.


Once you’ve configured offer sections for some (or all) of the options, click Save.

Editing Offer Sections

You can return to created offer sections to make changes by clicking Edit Offer Sections on a given offer custom field.


If you’d like to delete the entire offer section, go to Edit Offer Sections and click Remove All at the bottom of the page. Note: This action cannot be undone and any existing offer section text will be deleted. In addition, the offer section token will no longer work in any offer templates.


If you make any changes to your offer custom fields, these edits will interact with existing offer sections:

  • If you add a new option, the option will appear on the Edit Offer Sections page and will not have an offer section configured by default.
  • If you rename or delete an option, the option will be removed from the Edit Offer Sections page and any configured offer section text will be deleted.

When a user adds, edits, or deletes an Offer Section, an entry will be added to the change log to help give you visibility into your team’s work and better manage your offer documents.

Creating Offer Templates

Go to Configure > Offer Templates to see a read-only version of your created offer sections in one place. Click on an offer section name to expand or collapse the content. You can see the offer section tokens as well as the offer text associated with each custom field option to easily craft offer templates before uploading them to this page.