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How do I Hide, Require, or Make School/Education Info Optional?

Here are the steps to making adding a school optional:

  • Click on Configure
  • Click on Job Board
  • Click on Edit Job Post
  • Pick that Specific Job and Click on the (pencil icon) to the right
  • On the next page scroll down until you see Education
  • Click Optional 
  • Scroll down and click Preview
  • You will now see it is not required for education to be chosen.
  • Scroll down and click Save





Applies-To: [Education, Schools, Requirements, Optional, Job Application]
Keywords: [Education, Schools, Requirements, Optional, Job Application, Candidates, Configure,Job Post]

Configure:Job Board: Screen.png (100 KB) Edit Job Post Screen.png (70 KB) Click on a specific job Screen.png (90 KB) Click Education Optional Screen.png (80 KB) Scroll Click Preview Screen.png (80 KB) Preview Screen Example.png (50 KB) Click Save Changes Job Board.png (40 KB)