This document explains how the NextWave Hire integration works. There is very little information that a Greenhouse customer will need to provide the NextWave Hire team with.

NextWave Hire needs to know the departments used by our customers in Greenhouse in order to map the various jobs in the ATS to the relevant pages within the overall career site.

For example, we may have a landing page just for engineering roles, and so we need to know how HR categorizes the engineering jobs within the company in order to pull only those jobs into that page.

When we onboard a customer, we typically look at the urls for their various jobs to see how they are currently tagging them.  We also ask the HR team to pull all of the departments they are using in Greenhouse.

Once we have these departments, we then enter them into our system on behalf of our client so that the right jobs pull into the right places within the career site.

Demo video

For more on the integration, please view this video: