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Advanced Setup (Outlook 365)


Outlook 365: Advanced Setup adds additional functionality to the Outlook 365 integration and must be performed by someone in your organization with access to Outlook 365 Global Admin credentials and Greenhouse Site Admin permissions.

Note: Outlook 365 Global Admin credentials do not have to match the login credentials for the Greenhouse Recruiting user. If necessary, a member of your organization can input your company's Global Admin credentials into Greenhouse Recruiting from within another user's account (e.g. a member of an IT team can input Global Admin credentials from within a Site Admin's account to enable the integration). 

Unlocked features for all users include the ability to schedule rooms within your organization and view/schedule to a colleague or shared calendar. This setup is optional, but it is required to unlock these additional features and will also need to be done in addition to a basic setup by all other users.


Enable Advanced Outlook 365 Integration

To perform an Advanced Outlook 365 Setup, a user with Greenhouse Site Admin and access to Global Admin permissions should click the Configure icon configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and navigate to Email Settings on the left-hand panel.


From the Email Settings page, navigate to the Authorize Exchange Client Credentials Grant header and click Authorize.


You will be redirected to Outlook 365 where you can input your Global Admin credentials.

Note: In order to be able to retrieve resources from your Outlook tenant, the Global Administrator used to set up the Advanced integration must have an active mailbox hosted in the Exchange Online cloud.


When you have finished, click Sign in. A Greenhouse Service Application will outline what the integration wants to do. Click Accept.



Advanced Features

Note: These advanced features are in addition to those included for a Basic Setup.

From the Schedule window, select Outlook 365 as the desired integration from the dropdown menu. After performing the Advanced Outlook 365 setup, any user in the organization will be able to schedule rooms and see the free/busy schedules of colleagues.

Note: Currently, Greenhouse Recruiting will only show the free/busy schedules of users rather than any specific details of events on a calendar. Since the Advanced Setup is enabled via Global Admin permissions, we are currently unable to reflect any user's specific Outlook 365 permissions to view calendar details.

To schedule to a colleague's calendar, input their name or email address in the Interviewer's field. Click on the Resources field to schedule a specific room within your organization.


Choose the specific calendar you would like to schedule to and fill out the necessary fields like Date and Time.


When you have finished, click Send Invites to Interviewers. Other users selected as Interviewers will be notified and the room will be reserved.