8/1 GHO Update: Changes to Custom Fields

Starting on August 1, we will be making some changes to the Custom Fields in your account. These changes will not remove any data stored in your account.


What are the changes? 

The following fields cannot be deleted, will be visible to all employees, and will be permanently placed in the Basic Information custom field group (meaning they cannot be moved into another group): 

  • Name
  • Title
  • Start Date
  • Work Email 
  • Profile Image
  • Department
  • Location

The following fields cannot be deleted, but can be hidden from employee view: 

  • Manager
  • Employment Status
  • Country Code


Why are you making these changes? 

Certain core information about an employee needs to be visible at all times in order for certain features in the app to work. Because these fields need to be visible and available, we have made them visible to all employees, and removed the ability to delete them.


I have more questions about this, who can I talk to? 

Please reach out to your Account Manager or our Support team, by chatting or sending in a message. 


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