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Automated Emails with Mixmax Integration

Automated emails with the Mixmax integration can only be done after a user account has set-up the the integration. Please visit Connect User to Mixmax Integration if you have not done so.

After the Mixmax integration has been turned on for your user account, navigate to the Candidates tab. From your candidates list, click on Bulk Action and select the candidates you would like to add to your Mixmax automated email sequence. Click on Edit Selected when you have finished.



From the bulk action dialog box, navigate to Integrations and click on Add to Mixmax Sequence. 


If this is the first time you are using the Mixmax integration, you will need to sign-in using your Mixmax credentials.

Once you have successfully signed-in you can bulk add your selected candidates to a pre-saved sequence or click on the Manage button to create a new sequence within Mixmax.