Greenhouse Onboarding 2.0: New Improvements in Phase Two

We're updating Greenhouse Onboarding! Over the next several months, we will be rolling out new improvements and features, in phases. To learn more about all of the upcoming changes, check out our FAQ

Below we'll review all the changes to expect in your account during Phase Two. These changes will be released into your account at the beginning of July, and will have minimal impact on your current process.


What's Going Away

  • Company Page - The company page, which moved to the Settings section in Phase One, will now be called Welcome Experience, and will no longer have a section for Vision or a Photo Album. 
  • General Settings - The General Settings page will be removed, but all of the features that were contained on that page will be moved to other Settings pages. 


What's Being Added

  • New Pages that will provide more context on how to set up your account
    • Settings Overview - This page will give an overview of the different Settings you can use to set up your account
    • Data Flow Introduction - This page will show how your employee data can flow through Greenhouse Onboarding
    • Importing - This page will detail options for importing employee data into Greenhouse Onboarding
    • Exporting - This page will detail options for exporting employee data out of Greenhouse Onboarding
  • An easier way to manage and set up your Departments, Locations, and Teams
    • Departments - This is where you will see all of your available Departments, and create any new Departments
    • Locations - This is where you will see all of your available Locations, and create any new Locations
    • Teams - This is where you will see all of your Teams that are not Departments or Locations, and can create any new Teams or Team Categories
  • Email management made easier
    • This new page will provide an overview of the emails generated and sent out from Greenhouse Onboarding
    • A new interface for creating new email templates for the Your Next Steps and Welcome to the Team emails
    • Admins will no longer be able to disable email notifications for the entire organization, only Super Admins will be able to enable or disable email notifications


Old Navigation of Settings: 



New Navigation of Settings:


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