How can I edit my permissions?


I need to additional user specific permissions. How can I add this to my account?


It would be best to chat with someone on your team who is able to make these changes to another user's account. They will need to be a Site Admin with the user specific permission of "Can edit another user's advanced permissions". You are not able to make changes to your own account. Our support team is not authorized to make changes to your account Additionally, you can look at Hi My Name>My Info>In House Contact to see who would be able to help.

A user will be able to make this changes from Configure>Users>search for your name and click on it>select the boxes for the additional user specific permissions needed. You can view what your exact permission are from Hi My Name>My Info>scroll to the bottom of the page.


[Users, Permissions]


[Organizational, historical, and categorization data that shows whether content is in the right general domain, as well as state and usage information that helps would-be users understand how often a KCS article has been reused (to indicate confidence) and its stage in the development life cycle.]

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