Greenhouse Onboarding 2.0: Phase Two FAQ for Admins

  • I had photos in my Photo Album, where are they? 
    • The photos from the Photo Album will no longer be displayed but can be downloaded by going to Settings > Brand Assets > Documents


  • I noticed the Teams tab is gone, where do I go to manage my Departments, Teams, and Locations? 
    • Departments, Teams, and Locations will now be managed on their own pages. You can access each page by going to Settings > Company Info > and then select the specific category of Team you would like to manage. 


  • How do I turn my emails on and off since there is no longer a General Settings page? 
    • Emails can be enabled and disabled by Super Admins under Settings > Company Info > Emails


  • Where do I update my Company Photo, Mission, Values, and Timeline? 
    • You can now update these items under Settings > New Hire Experience > Welcome Experience


  • Where can I adjust my brand color, company name, and Company Icon and Logo? 
    • Super Admins can update these items under Settings > New Hire Experience > Branded Assets
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