Permissions: Job Admin or above

Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

You can email reports to your colleagues directly from Greenhouse Recruiting to quickly share data with other members of your organization. In this article, we will cover how to email a saved report.

Email a report

To email a report, navigate to your saved report by clicking Reports on your navigation bar.

Select Saved on the left.

Screenshot of a saved report

Open your report and click Share.Screenshot of shared reports button

Select the recipient, email subject, and email body in the pop-up window.

When finished, click Send Email.

Screenshot of email report filters

Your recipients will receive an email with the report. 

What your recipients see

When you email a custom report, your recipients receive a time-sensitive link where they can download the report. When you send a Greenhouse Recruiting essential report, the report results are displayed in the body of the email.

Custom report

Screenshot of an example custom report shared via email

Essential report

Screenshot of an example essential report shared via email

Note: Because they contain a large amount of candidate data, the offer details and scorecard feedback reports do not appear in the body of emails or as attachments. Instead, an expiring link is attached to allow your recipient to download the report for 24 hours.

Protecting privacy

Greenhouse Recruiting double-checks the user to make sure they have the correct permissions to access the contents of the report before downloading it.

If a user does not have the correct permissions, they receive a redacted version of the report results.