Is Greenhouse compatible with Google for Jobs? How do I integrate?

Greenhouse is currently already integrated and have reached out to be added to their list here.  Google's new enriched search results now also includes Jobs enriched results to call out jobs when searching for a specific company. More technical information can be found on this Google Support article:


If you'd like to improve the likelihood of your listings show up on Google for Jobs, we recommend reaching out to your marketing team or sub-team in charge of SEO (search engine optimization) to help with the following: 

  • Mark up your job listings with Job Posting structured data.  Feel free to reference this Google Guide for more  detailed technical documentation here.
  • Submit a sitemap (or an RSS or Atom feed) with a <lastmod> date for each listing
  • Use any of Google's tools to validate your markup, preview your listing, or track your sitemap status.  These tools are linked on this Google blog page along with more information about this Google feature.




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    Stefan Bauer

    Is the greenhouse hosted job board automatically integrated with google jobs?

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    Stefan Bauer

    Looks like our jobs don't show up in Google For Jobs. How do I integrate directly with greenhouse to google for jobs?

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    Kathleen Burggren

    If Greenhouse is already integrated, what do you mean by "have reached out to be added to their list"? Does this mean you are waiting on Google's approval to integrate as an ATS?