Greenhouse Recruiting is already integrated with Google for Jobs, and has reached out to be added to Google's list here.

In this article, we will cover:


Improve Job Post Visibility in Google for Jobs

Google's enriched search results includes enriched jobs results to call out jobs when searching for a specific company.

Note: Additional technical information on enriched search results can be found in this Google Support article.

To improve the likelihood of your organization's job listings showing up on Google for Jobs, we recommend reaching out to your marketing team or sub-team in charge of search engine optimization (SEO) to help with the following: 

  • Mark up your job listings with Job Posting structured data.  Feel free to reference this Google Guide for more  detailed technical documentation here.
  • Submit a sitemap (or an RSS/Atom feed) with a <lastmod> date for each listing
  • Use any of Google's tools to validate your markup, preview your listing, or track your sitemap status.  These tools are linked on this Google blog page along with more information about this Google feature.

Greenhouse adds metadata about job posts into the source code of job boards so Google's scrapers can parse our posts more easily.There is optional metadata that Greenhouse does not currently add to job posts. These fields include: 

  • Address locality 
  • Street address 
  • Address region 
  • Postal code 
  • Employment type 
  • Valid through 
  • Base salary

Excluding these fields does not impact whether the jobs show up in Google.


Jobs Not Posting to Google for Jobs

If your organization's job post violates Google's Structured Data Quality Guidelines, Google can potentially remove that job post (and possibly all of your organization's job posts) from appearing in the Google Jobs search.

Case Study: The most common violation of Google's Structured Data Quality Guidelines for job posts is collecting candidate applications for jobs where your organization is not actively hiring. While Greenhouse CRM's prospect post feature is automatically excluded from Google for Jobs, the use of job posts titled General Application or Join our Talent Community are often times flagged as violations.  

When Google for Jobs flags a violation, they will remove the job post (and possibly all of your organization's job posts) and contact Greenhouse Software directly. Google will not send an alert to the customer.