I use SSO, and the Prospecting Plugin is not working properly

To correct this issue, please take the following steps:

  1. In your Chrome browser, go to chrome://extensions/
  2. Navigate to the Prospecting Plugin and select "Details", then click "Extension Options"
  3. Change the selected option from "Yes, my company uses an SSO Provider" to "No, my company logs in via http://app.greenhouse.io" and select "Save"
  4. Refresh your browser and return to chrome://extensions/, navigate to the Prospecting Plugin, and select "Options" once more.
  5. Change the selected option back to "Yes, my company uses an SSO Provider", fill in the appropriate Subdomain, and select "Save"

When returning to Chrome and opening the Prospecting Plugin, this may prompt you to sign in to the Prospecting Plugin via SSO once more.  These steps should allow you to refresh your credentials in the extension, and this should correct the issue you are seeing.




Applies-To: [Users that sign into Greenhouse via a Single Sign On (SSO), such as Okta, OneLogin, etc.]
Keywords: [grey box, gray box, prospecting tool, won't load, SSO]