How do I resend suggested times for interviews to candidates?

If you need to request new availability times from the candidate due to a schedule change, this can be done by going to the candidate's profile and manually adjusting the Availability status.

To resend the availability request email, you'll need to manually change the Availability status from it's current status to "REQUEST AVAILABILITY": 


This will allow you to send a new Request Availability email to the candidate, which will automatically change the Availability status to "Requested".


Please Note: You can also change the status to other options such as Requested, Received, Confirmation, or Enter Availability Manually if this information is received through other means and your team would like to update it on the candidate's profile. 





Applies-To: [This applies to all admins that can email candidates.]
Keywords: [availability, availability request, resend, suggested times]

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    Zaviear Lue

    How can you send the hiring managers suggested availability again (after the initial email), without having to manually click each time slot again. Also is there a way to suggest the hiring managers availability, similar to how we confirm interview time slots? At the moment, it shows blank when suggesting times.