Greenhouse Chrome Extensions Data Gathering and Sharing


Do the Greenhouse Chrome Extensions scoop up all of the data from browser history, page contents, email messages, and is that data shared with any external Servers?


 The way that the two extensions work is slightly different so this answer will be in two parts.  In terms of data gathering and sharing, both extensions do not bulk gather data, and the scope is limited.  No information is shared with non-Greenhouse Servers or 3rd parties.  Specific to each extension:

1) The prospecting extension requires that you highlight specific text (IE first name last name) before it grabs it.  It does not scan or save the entire page.

2) The GMAIL extension only looks at addresses on messages and if you click on the button, the content of that specific email.


Chrome Browser Extensions, Prospecting Extension, Google Mail Extension


Greenhouse Prospecting Chrome Extension

Greenhouse GMAIL Integration

Author: Rob Baker
Peer Reviewer: Jodi Freeman
Create Date:  June 16th, 2017
Modified Date: June 16th, 2017
Keywords: [ Chrome, browser extensions, privacy policy, data sharing, external servers ]

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