How do I terminate an employee in Greenhouse Onboarding?

Permissions: Owner

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Note: Terminating an employee in Greenhouse Onboarding will make the employee hidden from all current employees, and only Admins and Super Admins will be able to access the employee's record through search.

To terminate an employee in Greenhouse Onboarding, navigate to the employee profile, and select the Admin tab.

On the new hire's Admin page, scroll down to Employment Status and click Edit.

In the dropdown menu, select Terminated.

Set the Date of Termination, and click Save.

In the subsequent window, observe the cautions and click Terminate Employee.

Once the date is set, the employee profile will now be reflected as terminated. Going forward only admins will have terminated employee records viewable in the system. Regular employees in GHO will not be able see terminated employees that have reached their termination date. Keep in mind that terminated employees will still be viewable in the search bar until they've reached their termination date.