I use Aurico. What does the integration look like? How do I enable it?

Integration Overview:

  • Web Hook used to trigger integration.
    • When candidate marked as hired.
  • API Key used to call API for additional information.
  • Custom Job Fields used to store location information, package information and client codes.
  • When integration is initiated, email is sent to candidate with link to complete consent and disclosure.
  • Once candidate completes consent, Aurico sends “Background Check In Progress” status to activity feed.
  • Once Aurico completes the order, we send “Background Check Complete” status to activity feed.



Creating the Web Hook

  1. Once logged in, click settings (gear symbol)au1.png
  2. Click Dev Center                                                          au2.png
  3. Click Web Hooks in the left menu and then click Web Hooks from the center options


  1. Create A New Web Hook: Fill out the appropriate fields (see image for reference)
    1. Name this web hook: Send to Aurico
    2. When: Candidate has been hired
    3. Export to: https://atsservices.auricosecure.com/atsservices/v1/GreenHouse
    4. Secret Key: Greenhouse
    5. Error recipient email: leave blank
    6. Disabled: No
    7. Then click Create Web Hook


Configuring the Location, Package and Client Code fields

  1. Click Configure from the top menu bar and then click Custom Options au5.png
  2. Under “Company Custom Fields”, click Jobs                   au6.png
  3. Click Add Field                                                                au7.png
  4. You will need to Add Fields for Aurico Location, Package and any Client Codes the client uses
  5. Aurico Location (see image for reference)
    1. Field: Aurico Location
    2. Description: Location in WebACE
    3. Only show jobs in these offices: Check All Offices
    4. Only show jobs in these departments: Check All Departments
    5. Type: Choose Single Select
      1. Under Options, enter the CustomerID and location name separated by a pipe (ex: 12345|Aurico Sub Location)
    6. Leave “Create new email token”, “mark private”, “Required” and “Changes to this field” unchecked.
    7. Check “Expose in Job Board API”
    8. Click Save                          au8.png
  6. Package                     au9.png
  7. Client Code


Configuring a test Job and test Candidate (for testing the integration)

  1. Click Jobs in the top menu bar and then click New Job au11.png
  2. Click Start from a copy of existing job
  3. Select any job to copy
  4. Fill out job details (see image for reference)
    1. Internal job name: Test Job
    2. External job name: Test Job
    3. Department, Office, Level, Openings and Employment Type: Select any option
    4. Aurico Location: Select a location
    5. Aurico Package: Select a package
    6. Client Code: Select client code (if applicable)
    7. Click Create Job & Continue                                           au14.png
  5. Click Complete job and Finish Hiring Plan Later
  6. Click Candidate in the top menu bar and then Add Candidate  au16.png
  7. Enter Candidate details (see image for reference)
    1. Office, Job and Initial stage: Select any office and Initial stage. Select the Test Job you created.
    2. Name and company: Enter any test data
    3. Info: enter your email address
    4. Skip the rest and click Add Candidate au17.png
  8. Under the new candidate’s profile, select Offer Details au18.png
  9. Click Mark Candidate as Hired au19.png
  10. On the “Offer Accepted” pop-up just click Save
  11. You should receive the Invitation – the integration is working!
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