I use CodeFights. What does the integration look like? How do I enable it?

Greenhouse and CodeFights integration

Greenhouse and CodeFights have created an integration so that you can seamlessly use the two products together to find and hire amazing technical talent. To implement the integration, you will: 

  1. Open Greenhouse API credential managent page: https://app.greenhouse.io/configure/dev_center/credentials.cf1.png
  2. Click on Create New API Key, in the dialog fill in the title and select Harvest from the dropdown.cf2.png
  3. On the Manage API Key Permissions page select the following permissions:
    1. Applications
      1. GET: Retrieve Application
      2. POST: Move Application
      3. POST: Reject Application
      4. POST: Unreject Application
    2.  Candidates
      1. GET: Retrieve Candidate
      2. POST: Add Candidate
    3. Job Stages
      1. GET: List Job Stages
    4.  Users
      1. GET: List Users



  1. Click the green Update button at the bottom of the page after making the selections:cf4.png
  2. Open CodeFights integrations page through the dropdown from the top right of your CodeFights Dashboard.


  1. Turn on the Greenhouse integration cf6.png
  2. Copy Harvest API key you have previously generated to CodeFights


  1. Open Greenhouse webhooks page https://app.greenhouse.io/web_hooks



  1. You should set up the following types of webhooks:
    1. Candidate has been hired
    2. Candidate has changed stage
    3. Candidate or Prospect rejected

Copy Endpoint URL and Secret key from CodeFigths


  1. Map users                                         cf10.png
  2. Map jobs                                               cf11.png
  3. Map stages                                              cf12.png
  4. Click done 
  1. Now you can export candidates to Greenhouse using the export button found on CodeFights candidate profiles. cf13.png
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