If a job that you have Job Admin level permissions on is live on your careers page, you should be able to see it from your All Jobs dashboard. If it seems that the job is missing from your All Jobs dashboard, do not worry, it can be due to the difference between the name given to the job post and the Internal Job of the job. That is, you may be searching by the wrong name (job post name) when it is referred in your Greenhouse account as something else (Internal Job name).


Consider the following example:


While the Internal Job name is Business Sales Manager, I have two separate job posts that advertise the job using different names. If i tried to use either of the job post names to search for the Business Sales Manager role from the All Jobs dashboard I would not receive any results.


In cases such as these, the best way to locate a job post in your system would be to note the job ID in the URL of your job post and search by that ID within your jobs.

For example, with any Greenhouse-hosted job boards and job posts, you can easily locate the job post ID at the end of the URL of the job post page.


With an API job board, the job post ID should also be found at the end of the URL.

Once you have the job post ID, you can try to locate the job post by navigating to Configure configure.png> Job Board > Edit Jobs (#). This will present a list of your live jobs with their job post URLs. You can then Control + F to locate the job associated with the job post by clicking on "View".


If you unable to locate the job with this method, please feel free to fill out the form at with the URL to the job post.