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How can I preview the CSS on my job board?

Note: This only applies to Pro and Enterprise organizations

Currently there isn't an easy way to preview the CSS file uploaded for your job board.

However, there is a workaround. What you can do is create a secondary test job board so that you may upload the CSS file there to view. By creating a test job board, you will have the opportunity to upload the CSS file without it affecting your actual public facing job board. 

The steps to go about creating a secondary job board can be found here.

If the developer does not have permission to create the secondary job board, we would advise for them to reaching out to the hiring team to assist with the creation of the test job board and a test job to post to that board. 




Applies to: [organizations with the option to create multiple job boards]
Keywords: [job board, CSS, CSS file, job board integration, preview]