Why can't I edit the interview for a candidate?


Why can't I edit the interview for a candidate? Why does it indicate that "the interview does not exist"?


In order to be able to edit the interview scheduled for a candidate, you must be the original scheduler of the interview OR you must have "manage/edit" access to the calendar that the event was scheduled on.

Please note that this is not related to your permissions within GH. Rather this is related to your permissions on the external calendar. 

Similar to events scheduled on your work or personal calendar, other users cannot simply delete or alter these events since this is your calendar. Unless the other user is granted editing permissions through your calendar settings, they cannot simply move/delete/edit meetings that you've set up on your own calendar. 

When scheduling interviewers for interviews with candidates, the invite is scheduled on the selected calendar by the original scheduler. The user that would like to edit the event will need to have access to the calendar it was originally scheduled on. 

Workaround: We usually suggest creating a shared calendar and granting manage/edit access to all those that take part in scheduling. That way, if anyone is out of office, others can assist with editing the interviews. This option is only available for Google Calendar users. See here for instructions. 


This applies to all admins involved with scheduling. 


Author: Karen Situ
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    Elizabeth Harbert

    I am the original scheduler... But I can not see a way to delete.